Susy Renzi was born in Milan in 1958.

After advanced science subjects she works for Italian and foreign studios as fashion designer and illustrator.

As professional, from1985 she contributes to the most important magazines of RCS Group as Bella, Anna, Astra, Europeo, Casa Amica and Corriere dei Piccoli (weekly pictures from ’87 to ’91). Then contributions to Mondatori Group as Donna Moderna, Sale e Pepe, Ventiquattro, Fabbri Group (Enciclopedia della Donna, Edizioni Scolastiche
In ’94 and ’95. More, several front covers for Sonzogno guides, illustrated tales for L’Albero Azzurro Italian Broadcast and at the same time she contributes regularly to many advertising agencies of Milan enriching her background and experience.

From 1998 to 2006 she cooperates as freelance with De Agostini Geographical Institute for many instalments and as illustrator of publishing works.

At first the year 2000 Susy Renzi begins to contribute to the town of Milan for scene designes in Crascenzago public library (a work dedicated to the great illustrator Stephan Zavrel) and in Milan at the Cascina Rossa public library (large scale pictures on Noah’s ark subject where giant animals decorate the Children section. This work has even excited the admiration of Major Albertini.

In the meantime she presents two one-man exhibitions, the first in Milan at the Caffè Letterario named “Naked Voice”, the second one in Monza named “Poetry in the Courtyards”.

Susy Renzi led always parallel lines having the artistry common denominator: besides painting         illustrations, canvas and trompe l’oeil, meanwhile she carries out a feverish musical career.
In the seventies plays live and sings in the first Milan private radio stations and as vocalist joins the Mary P. Container progressive Group: besides countless gigs this job produces also a record for L’Orchestra label. After having followed in the eighties Jazz singing classes at Nuova Milano Musica and at Modern Music Academy with Anna Bacchia and also an exhaustive seminar at Spazio Musica with the great Gabriella Ravazzi, Susy Renzi forms her own Jazz Group and performs often in Milan and North Italy clubs as Capolinea, Scimmie, Tangram, Porte Aperte, Caffè Letterario, Nord-Est, Rapsodia,etc.

The Susy Renzi Quartet includes excellent Jazz musicians as Antonio Zambrini, piano – Maurizio Bucca, bass – Ferdinando Faraò, drums and other transient jazzers as Francesco Forges, flute and voice and the trumpet players Marco Brioschi and Johnny Falzone. This group works hard and is
really tight: it’s very important for Susy to be tuned into the ensemble as this is an essential element to the success of a good musical communication.
During a performance at Scimmie in ’96 Susy is noticed by Bruno De Filippi, a well-known composer, armonica and guitar player, so she start to take part in jazz concerts together with him and other leading musicians as Renato Sellani, Massimo Moriconi, Stefano Bagnoli, Mario Rusca, Enrico Intra and many others.

In 2000 the label DDQ issues the record “Heaven” played by Susy and her group, then, during a show at the Caffè Letterario Susy meets the fine crooner Pier Tacchini for years active on the jazz scene. So, here is a rising duo performing in many clubs and a link both artistic and for life.

In the meantime she increases her activity of large scale paintings and begins a string of works in residences and mansions in Monza –where she now lives – , toys libraries and period houses where trompe l’oeil and interior decorations concur to the embellishment of old buildings.

Reliable works are the Residence of Via Zucchi in Monza with paintings on the internal front and common hall, Pelucchi mansion with refined paintings on ceiling, roof light and boiserie, trompe l’oeil in Bemporad-Colombo residence and 50 square meters painted for Celeste Dell’Anna studio and addressed to Von Opel residence in Saint Moritz.
More, an amusing decoration for the nursery school requested by the town of Arese and the colossal picture of 160 square meters made for Divertilandia toy library in Monza where the work itself becomes furnishing, And again, to end, many logos and brochures for Milan toy libraries as Miele and Nano Gigante.

Today Susy Renzi has increased her pictorial side producine also landscapes and portraits. Before long she will publish some illustrated literery writings on animals.




* foto di Lucy Matera